Thursday, October 22, 2009


So sorry I have neglected this blog, but I have been extra busy these last few days. I started cleaning Katie's room on Sunday afternoon and didn't finish until Wednesday! Then, talk about waiting until the last minute...Bren and Katie's book fair projects were due Thursday but we didn't find the tri-fold posters until Tuesday! This is for Mississippi Dept of Education Reading Fair and the rules are must have a certain size poster board, which Walmart did NOT have. Surprising since Walmart usually has everything. We ended up getting it at Hobby Lobby. Needless to say, we were working all day and night on them...I think they turned out pretty good. We had a lot of fun regardless. I'm hoping that my kids inherit my love of reading. The verdict is still out on it. These kind of projects really do encourage kids to read.

Of course I had to take their pictures this morning with their finished projects!:-)

Bren's book was HATCHET...which is kinda scary to wouldn't believe the things that come up if you don't google "book" with it!LOL

Katie's book was named "Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Girls Don't Have Cooties"! I love that name!



  1. Thank you so much for posting these! I live in Mississippi and my son's reading fair project is due in a week. we are trying to get it done and Ive never done one of these before. Ive been looking for examples all morning, and finally I found the perfect ones here!! we will be finishing up soon thanks to your examples. Now i get it lol! Whew!!
    Thanks again~Harmony
    Stay at home mom of 4th grader!

  2. On the internet your likely to find anyone and anything, good or bad, while looking for examples for a storyboard, (really a posterboard), I find people who look familiar to me, and to my surpise it was the Logan family.I wasn't even looking for people I know I was looking for a good format of a board. Even the internet is a small place isn't it?